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Church Workers Award

Churches rely on the assistance of willing workers. Be it the minister of music, usher, youth pastor, nursery worker, secretary, deacon, board member, facility manager, events coordinator, or whatever roles your church has need of, your church workers are invaluable to fulfillment of your church's God-given vision and mission.

October 1, 2013, Equipping Ministries® is launching a recognition program for church workers. Let us help you recognize the contributions of those who have served tirelessly in your church's ministries. We will spotlight the church worker and your church.

The church worker will automatically be entered into our "Church Worker of the Year" award. There are six nomination categories:

  • Church Administrator  (includes church business manager, church director of finances, operations manager, executive administrative pastor (non-preaching-teaching)

  • Church Secretary (administrative assistant, office manager, pastor's assistant, receptionist, membership secretary, database secretary, financial secretary, etc.)

  • Deacon / Deaconesses / Trustee

  • Church Board Member

  • Minister - must be licensed and/or ordained -[a teaching/preaching minister, not just administratively] - youth pastor, associate minister/associate pastor, elder, minister, minister of music [licensed/ordained]

  • Other Helps Ministry - Usher, Sunday school teacher, nursery worker, intercessor, maintenance, facility manager, audio/visual ministry, musician (non-licensed/ordained minister)


  • Nomination submissions must be approved by the Senior Pastor

  • Nominee MUST have served in the role for a minimum of 18 months

  • Each church can nominate one person from up to a maximum of three categories (total 3 nominees)

  • All nominations must be received by January 31 of each year

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