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Training in Church Administration

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Church Administration Training Workshop

Sponsor a workshop in your area!

A full day of training for your entire church support staff

Don't miss your opportunity to be further equipped to excel in church administration

Church Administration Training Workshops

One or two-day trainings for all those serving as church support staff, including board members.

What you don't know can drastically hurt your church and you!

We do onsite trainings for just your church staff or you can make it available to your church and other churches!

Workshop Topics: (you choose based on your time specification)

  • Your Role as a Ministry Assistant
  • Pastoral Care (can also be done as a full workshop for Board)
  • Keys to Church Growth
  • Financial Accountability (including love offerings and first fruits)
  • Risk Management
  • Local and Federal Tax Laws and Churches
  • Copyright Laws and Churches
  • Proper Internal Controls
  • Flowing Effectively as a Team
  • Office Etiquettes 101
  • Maintaining a Godly Atmosphere
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • The Importance of Starting Your Workday with Prayer
  • What You Need to Know About Bylaws
  • Establishing Policies and Procedures
  • Human Resource Management 101
  • Principles of Church Administration
  • Burnout - The Silent Disabler of Ministry Assistants
  • Identifying and Overcoming a Staff Infection
  • How to Properly Take Minutes
  • How to Properly Call and Hold a Church Meeting
  • Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers
  • Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries
  • Event Planning for Churches

We can also customize a training for you. So if there is a topic not listed above, just let us know what your needs are and we will happily develop what is needed for your local church!

The training is NOT denominational specific and is appropriate for all support staff who want to have the necessary knowledge to excel in church administration.

Our trainings are the most thorough and informative trainings in church administration


Do you know that what you don't know can hurt you and your church?

Do you know the most common pitfalls in church administration?

Is your church handling love offerings and first fruit offerings properly? If not, it can mean jail time for your senior pastor.

Does your church practice separation of duties?

Is your church following the legal guidelines for issuing benevolences? Don't put your church in a costly position or the recipient of the benevolence. Many who have received benevolence from their churches have been taxed on the benevolence because the church failed to follow the guidelines for disbursing benevolences.

Are you setting your church up for hefty fees under the new laws pertaining to informational returns such as 1099's? What you don't know can cost your church thousands of dollars annually.

Can you legally pay your pastor a percentage of the tithes and offerings?

We sell recordings of our church services with the music and sell them. Is this legal?

We play music on our website, is this considered a copyright violation?

Does your church feel stuck? Or does it have a revolving door? Does it grow then decline? - Join us in our church growth session.

Are you aware of the State laws that are applicable to how you do ministry? What about IRS laws? 

There have been numerous State and Federal law changes that greatly impact churches and nonprofit ministries. Are you equipped to protect your church from pitfalls that can significantly hamper your church’s vision?


 Don't miss this equipping training for all those serving in church administration - from pastors, church board members, church secretaries, church administrators, and church finance teams.


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